Friday, February 4, 2011

If you're still visiting, here....?

Yes, I have "abandoned" this site.  I know there were a couple of family members that did visit the site but I got to feeling like I was just bragging about our very pleasant surroundings here in beautiful Oregon...that some viewers might be put off that I spoke only of our accumulations, etc.

I've begun a new site here on Blogger.  I'll name it simply  It will be private access but I'll gladly invite any interested family member or personal friend to access it.  My plan is for it to become my online memory of what has transpired in my life on a (so hopefully) daily basis.  I've tried to maintain a journal many times in the past few years...have always abandoned my fitful starts.  This time, I feel a much deeper sense of commitment...for some reason...that I'll never understand...

If you do visit my new journal site, PLEASE leave some sort of comment?

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